• Residential Tax Exemptions
          • Do you own or lease land in an adjoining municipality RM of Spiritwood No. 496, RM of Leask No. 464, RM of Redberry No. 435, RM of Douglas No. 436 or the RM of Round Hill No. 467.
            If so, you may be eligible to receive a municipal tax exemption on your permanent residential dwelling as per section 293 of The Municipalities Act. The total taxable assessment of any agricultural land you own or lease located within the RM of
            Meeting Lake No. 466 or in adjoining rural municipalities will be applied to reduce your residential taxable assessment. An assessment can only be used to reduce residential taxable assessment once.

            The 293 Exemption Form must be sent to the RM office on or before March 31st. CLICK HERE 293 Exemption Form.